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Every so often, you might find yourself in a style rut—not quite the “full closet, nothing to wear” phenomenon, but more like an inescapable feeling that your closet feels stale. The colors feel less vibrant, those “statement pieces” less exciting… Simply buying something new won’t cut it: You need a new perspective to guide you. That’s why street style and social media have become so valuable in the fashion world, providing fresh inspiration from outside your immediate surroundings. You might even start picking out your favorite faces among the crowds or feeds. Well, even those stylish people have the accounts they turn to when they’re in need of new ideas. So we asked them—the bloggers, stylists, and models that appear on your fashion mood boards—to tell us who they look to when they’re hunting for ways to invigorate their wardrobes. Ahead, they share the pages that help them bring out the best in their closets and personal style, all of which make for great follows in 2019.

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