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Breastfeeding mothers have been counselled against having a next of kin or family member breastfeed
their kids in their absence.

According to a medical specialist, infant mothers who permit their babies to be breastfed by other women, leaves such children at the mercy of suffering an infection.

She her speech, she advised that it was preferable to use a bottle containing the mother’s breast milk
or a newborn’s recipe to feed babies.

Otherwise, the child is at the risk of contacting infections, such as yeast, bacteria, viruses and others
that can be transmitted through the breast tissue and breast milk.

Not excluding HIV that has also been confirmed to be transmitted through breast.

It has also been brought to notice that diseases such as hepatitis can also be passed on through broken or cracked nipples.

So whenever you feel a close companion, or relative should breastfeed your baby, you should know the full medical record of the individual, or better still, consult your doctor.

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